Medicine hand in hand with technology

Lab tests are the core of medical diagnostics and the most accessible source of medical information. It’s also the most measurable and reliable way of getting to know a patient’s condition. Moreover, it’s a foundation for defining the necessary treatment.

The test result itself is just one of the pieces of information necessary for diagnosis. So far, diagnosis and medical guidance were time-consuming processes, engaging a team of practitioners. And the wrong diagnosis unnecessarily prolongs the treatment.

We’ve been developing Labplus from the start, to improve laboratory diagnostics, by merging the most recent achievements of medicine with cutting-edge technology. With artificial intelligence and the medical knowledge of the experts from the leading medical universities in Poland, we’ve developed a diagnostic engine that provides accurate interpretation in just seconds. This accelerates patients’ treatments, improves physicians’ work, and thus – improves the whole healthcare system.

Our team


Siddarth Agrawal
Chief Executive Officer
Physician, scientist, manager, doctor of medicine. Passionate for innovation that changes medicine. Co-author of 10 patents and patent applications and dozens of scientific publications. For his achievements recognised by the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland's Ministry of Health, Poland's Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Puls Medycyny and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.
Szczepan Czyczerski
Chief Growth Officer
Manager with over 15 years of experience in capital transactions and supporting entrepreneurs in growing their companies value. Managed pre-IPO, IPO, SPO and private placement projects, with a total value of over PLN 500m. Member of the board of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
Jakub Górowski
Chief Technology Officer
Experienced developer and IT project manager, with years of expertise in building products for education and publishing industry in Poland and worldwide. Has large expertise in software architecture, team management, algorithmics and data structuring.
Bartłomiej Bartoszewicz
Chief Science Officer
Manager, analyst, lecturer, PhD in Economy, with focus on econometrics and statistics. Has years of experience in managing R&D projects and teams of mathematicians, statisticians and developers. Co-author of a number of Machine Learning models developed for a leading finance company in Poland.

Medical and Science Team

Agnieszka Kuś
Medical Director
Doctor of medicine, graduate of Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, specialized in internal medicine. Works for the Lower Silesian Oncology Centre in Wroclaw.
Leopold Rehan
Lead Medical Specialist
Doctor of medicine, PhD in medicine, graduate of Wroclaw Medical University, internal medicine specialist. Works for ENEL-MED Medical Center.
Anna Kubrak
MD, doctor of medicine
Doctor of medicine, graduate of Wroclaw Medical University, with experience in primary care. Worked for Internal Medicine and Geriatrics unit at Falkiewicz Specialist Hospital in Wroclaw.

Technology and operations

Łukasz Górowski
Senior developer
Software developer with over 20 years of experience. Participated in the development of products in construction, travel and medical industries. Has broad knowledge about IT security.
Radosław Kozioł
Senior developer
Developer with years of experience, primarily with e-commerce, big data, system design and technical teams management.
Dawid Łuczak
Server administrator
Network and server specialist. Passionate about OpenSource and Unix. Author of virtual operating systems and network tunnelling solutions. Has over 25 years of experience in national and international projects involving private cloud and communication in distributed private networks.
Michał Borówka
Data scientist
Machine Learning specialist, analyst, Master of Mathematics, graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, co-author of numerous predictive models used by an international finance institution for AML.
Magdalena Kutiak-Pecka
Office Manager
Grzegorz Słocki
Attorney at law
Kinga Chojnacka
Digital Marketing Specialist

Labplus Medical Board

Grzegorz Mazur
Professor of Medicine
Professor, expert in the fields of internal diseases, hematology and clinical transplantation. Lower Silesian Consultant for Internal Medicine, Head of Department of Internal and Occupational Diseases, Hypertension and Clinical Oncology in University Clinical Hospital in Wroclaw. Head of Labplus Medical Board.
Aleksandra Butrym
Professor of Medicine
Professor, expert in the fields of internal diseases and hematology, Head of Department of Cancer Prevention and Therapy at Wroclaw Medical University and Head of Hematology Unit at Alfred Sokołowski Hospital in Wałbrzych.
Rafał Poręba
Professor of Medicine
Professor, expert in the fields of internal diseases, cardiology, diabetology and angiology. Head of over 10 research & development projects, author of over 100 scientific publications about medical diagnostics.

Our partners

The National Centre for Research and Development
Poland’s biggest institution that supports research units and entrepreneurship in the development of new technologies utilizing scientific research. NCRD supports Labplus research and development.
Medical University of Silesia
One of the biggest medical universities in Poland, with 5 faculties and 16 study fields. The university runs 5 own hospitals. MUS supports Labplus in the research and development of the diagnostic engine.
Wrocław Medical University
Internationally-recognised research and educational facility, offering unique opportunities for academic and professional development for its students and employees. WMU supports Labplus in the research and development of the diagnostic engine.

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