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At Labplus, we merge the most recent medical knowledge with cutting-edge technology, to improve laboratory diagnostics and help patients and physicians – including ourselves. The development of the diagnostic engine requires joint efforts of doctors, scientists, data scientists, and developers.

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At Labplus, we combine the most up-to-date medical knowledge with the latest technology to improve laboratory diagnostics and help patients and doctors. Developing a diagnostic engine requires close collaboration between physicians, scientists, data science specialists, and software engineers. If you don't see an offer for yourself and you want to help us develop Labplus, write to us!
Job description
We are hiring a doctor during internal medicine residency or post-specialization in internal medicine to work remotely on our project. We expect candidates to have experience working in internal medicine or primary care clinic. In addition, we require the ability to navigate scientific sources and a broad interest in medicine. The work involves gathering and creating medical content based on current knowledge. We are looking for physicians who are able to commit at least 60 hours of their time per month.
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