Medical diagnostics enhanced with AI

Laboratory testing is the foundation of modern healthcare. Labplus uses AI to accelerate diagnostics, provide an accurate interpretation of results and guide patients to the right care.
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Lab results analyzed in seconds

Test results logged in the system

The patient has the option to input lab results manually or allow our LabTest Checker to register them automatically.

Medical questionnaire for the patient

The system creates a tailored medical questionnaire based on the patient’s results. It incorporates the patient’s chronic conditions, medications, and symptoms.

Report with recommendations

LabTest Checker presents conclusions and recommends further steps, based on the test results and the questionnaire.

Labplus supports entire health care systems

Faster diagnosis

Labplus uses AI algorithms to automatically analyze lab test results alongside the data from the medical questionnaire – all in milliseconds! The questionnaire takes just a couple of minutes and the patient can answer it at any moment. Its interpretation is instantaneous.

Accurate interpretation

Labplus diagnostic engine uses a medical knowledge base developed by a team of medical practitioners and scientists, who have been working for more than 23,600 hours. We are constantly expanding and updating the knowledge base with the most recent findings. The conclusions provided by Labplus' diagnostic engine match physicians’ diagnoses in over 90% of the cases.

No unnecessary appointments

Labplus obtains a medical history, presents initial conclusions, and recommends further medical care. The patient knows exactly if they should have additional lab tests and what doctor they should reach out to. This eliminates unnecessary appointments and provides physicians with a full set of information about the patients’ medical conditions.

Our products

LabTest Checker

Labtest Checker is an online tool that helps patients assess their blood test results, without engaging physicians. Our app relies on data from lab tests and gathers necessary information about the patients’ health (including chronic conditions, medications taken, and symptoms) from the medical questionnaire. Our tool can be easily embedded in a website or a mobile app. Labtest Checker is marked as a CE class I certified medical device.
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Labplus API

Labplus API is a full programming interface that enables the implementation of the Labplus diagnostic engine in other applications, digital products, and medical devices – to help meet the needs and requirements of medical teams and patients in any organization. The API provides access to the same medical knowledge base as LabTest Checker, offering the same accuracy.
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Our partners

The National Centre for Research and Development
Poland’s biggest institution that supports research units and entrepreneurship in the development of new technologies utilizing scientific research. NCRD supports Labplus research and development.
Medical University of Silesia
One of the biggest medical universities in Poland, with 5 faculties and 16 study fields. The university runs 5 own hospitals. MUS supports Labplus in the research and development of the diagnostic engine.
Wrocław Medical University
Internationally-recognised research and educational facility, offering unique opportunities for academic and professional development for its students and employees. WMU supports Labplus in the research and development of the diagnostic engine.

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