LabPlus API

Use the diagnostic engine to build your own products

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Build your own diagnostic tools

Labplus API makes it easy to expand the capabilities of your own diagnostic tools with functions that incorporate lab tests.

Deliver comprehensive services

Our API lets you expand your offer with a comprehensive coverage of lab tests – including their analysis and further recommendations.

Empower your medical teams

Labplus diagnostic engine helps both patients and medical practitioners. Use our API to develop tools that will help your teams in their daily work.

Our technology, your products

Labplus API provides access to the Labplus diagnostic engine and enables the development of your own digital products that can analyze lab test results or add this function to existing apps.

Diagnosis enhanced with AI

Labplus diagnostic engine uses advanced AI algorithms and a constantly expanding medical knowledge base. It provides a diagnosis and recommendations in just seconds.

Over 90% accuracy

Labplus API utilizes a medical knowledge base developed by a team of physicians and scientists and verified by our Medical Board. It offers the same efficiency and accuracy as LabTest Checker.

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