LabTest Checker

Fastest Secure Interpretation of Laboratory Test Results

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CE Medical Device Class I
GDPR Compliant

How our LabTest Checker works?

Increase the value of the healthcare you provide

LabTest Checker accurately evaluates the state of the patient's health, thereby, increasing the quality and value of healthcare provided. In addition, LTC makes it easier to offer the patient further tests, if necessary.

Direct patients to the appropriate medical professional

The interpretation of test results by LabTest Checker includes recommendations about the next steps, such as guiding patients to the right physician. This results in faster treatment and fewer visits, which means less workload for physicians and medical practitioners.

Acquire new patients

Every month there are over 5M searches for the interpretation of lab test results – and that’s just in Poland. LabTest Checker accurately answers patients’ inquiries, taking into account their test results and individual health status. Thanks to this, you can easily turn users into patients.

User friendly

LabTest Checker is easy-to-use for patients, with messages and recommendations everyone can understand. Thanks to this, less input is needed from physicians and medical practitioners.

In-depth medical questionnaire

LabTest Checker takes into account test results and other critical information about a patient's health, including chronic conditions, symptoms, and medication. The questionnaire is generated dynamically and adjusts according to the provided answers.

Rapid and accurate interpretation with AI

Labplus’ diagnostic engine uses advanced ai algorithms and a constantly expanding medical knowledge base. This allows it to provide an accurate interpretation and recommendations in just seconds- matching physicians’ diagnoses in over 90% of the cases.

Easy implementation

LabTest Checker is both easy to use and easy to implement. It works as a widget on any website and it only takes a few hours to configure the visual identity as well as any other requirements that the B2B client may have.

CE class I certified medical device

LabTest Checker can be safely used by patients from all over Europe. It is a CE class I certified medical device. And it is fully compliant with GDPR.

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